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The holiday season can be challenging on a variety of levels. Flexibility is the key to establishing harmony. The following is an excerpt from my latest international bestselling book, TREASURES OF HEAVEN: LESSONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE, on this very topic!

“We stretch our physical muscles, so why not stretch our mental, emotional and spiritual muscles as well? We need flexibility in ALL aspects of life, because life is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Either we bend, or we get stuck, physically AND spiritually!

How receptive are YOU to change?

How responsive are YOU to new ideas?

Do your beliefs separate you from others?

A surefire way to experience loneliness is to believe your way is the only way, and insisting others agree with you. Forcing your position on others causes immediate disconnection, and is an absolute waste of energy. Feeling threatened or angry when your beliefs are questioned means you value being right over being happy. Living inflexibly, always on the defensive, is simply no fun! And, it’s certainly no fun for the people around you! Insisting on having your own way sets you on the fast-track to unhappiness. Rigid thoughts or beliefs lead to power struggles and ultimately to separation. Insisting on “shoulds” and “musts” leads directly to endless disappointment and disconnection.

We all have moments when we feel the need to be right, to have our own way. But happiness stems from connection. Connections form when we find common ground and acknowledge each others’ worthiness. Relinquish the need to control, and find that harmony feels much better than friction. Please examine yourself for any rigid characteristics that might impede YOUR growth and expansion. (Be sure to put on your self-compassion hat while doing this exercise!)

Examples of rigidity (lack of flexibility) include:

An insatiable need to be right (which masks a deep fear of being wrong.)

A tendency to expect others to “see it your way.”

An inability to say, “I don’t know,” or “I was wrong.”

Feeling threatened when new ideas come from others.

Fear new information that unsettles existing beliefs.

Fear of letting go, of not being in control of self at all times.

Preoccupation with the approval of others.

The need to be seen as tough, powerful and strong.

Pride in always being rational and logical.

Being uncomfortable expressing emotions or sensitive feelings.

Experiencing shame and fear when feeling vulnerable or insecure.

Severe discomfort about having bad feelings.

A strong belief that those who disagree with you are wrong.

A tendency to use anger, withdrawal or blame to settle arguments.

Ask yourself: “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?”

The conscious choice to tear down your walls will lead to the intimacy and connection you desire and deserve. With greater openness and flexibility, life becomes much more exciting. Choices, alternatives and adventures multiply! Deep down, what we most desire is to be loved. We want to feel safe, to be heard and understood.

Open your heart, mind and spirit to new concepts and fresh ideas and begin vibrant living! Be progressive instead of regressive. Resisting change multiplies the levels of stress and increases the problems in your path. Remain flexible (even in the midst of significant change or chaos)to achieve your full potential. Doors will open, and opportunities appear because you will be at peace with yourself.

Flexibility means changing course when opportunities to learn and grow appear. See challenges as learning tools, opportunities to become stronger, wiser versions of ourselves. Most importantly, flexibility is preparing for and embracing change instead of fearing it. The more flexible and balanced you are, the less likely you are to over-react to situations in your life. This means being open-minded and fluid, not stiff necked and obstinate. The cure for the latter? Listen. Remain grounded. Be open. Allow growth. The alternative is to be stubborn, closed-minded and imbalanced, consistently fueling conflict. Which sounds better? Why not choose flexibility and lead by example?

It’s application time! Spiritual Stretching: My Flexibility Checklist.

Read the questions and write any insights you have gained. The goal is to empower yourself to focus on creating new, more fulfilling experiences by adopting a more flexible attitude and outlook:

  • Is my body tense? Tension mirrors a rigid belief, outlook or behavior pattern. Breathe deeply, be compassionate with yourself, and journal your answers. Which aspects of your life need more flexibility?
  • Do I have any unbending rules in your life and relationships? If so, what are they? Are they creating the life and relationships you desire? Challenge yourself to notice these rigidities. Would it help to dump these rules and go with the flow instead?
  • Am I open to making behavioral adjustments to learn and grow? Contemplate the cost of remaining resistant and inflexible. Think of the limits you place on your growth.
  • Am I defined by certain moods? If so, respond in a different way. Detach yourself from the heaviness of these moods and choose an alternative emotional state such as compassion.
  • Am I agenda driven? Do I feel the need to persuade others to believe as I do, regardless of the stress I create between myself and others?
  • Am I willing to embrace new experiences and ideas outside my psychological and cultural comfort zones? If not, challenge yourself to expand! No one can keep you in a box but you.
  • Am I a creature of habit, finding it hard to shift my rigid expectations? If so, choose new and different ways of doing things to liberate yourself and those around you. Go with the flow a little more.

Unconscious patterns of rigid behavior stand in the way of our happiness! Bring them to the surface, and discard them! Inflexibility fuels frustration with ourselves and others. It creates tension and stress in our relationships. The pressure of struggling to new situations can be wake up calls. These moments are invitations to stretch beyond our comfort zones and expand our hearts, minds and spirits to allow for grace and harmony.

Every challenging person and situation is a teacher, offering divinely designed opportunities for growth, understanding, compassion, and healing. When we approach life in this manner, without resisting these circumstances and individuals, life takes on a broader, more expansive meaning. When we view our challenges as beautiful hidden jewels , we become all the wealthier.

Stretch your mental, emotional and spiritual muscles today and notice how laughter, joy, and love flow into your life with greater ease. Your inspired ways will generate a delightful ripple effect. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself or your loved ones.”

With infinite love and gratitude,

Recipe for Amplifying Abundance in Your Life!


Offer ConditionFREE Joy and Love in Every Situation.

Live Each Day with a Pure and JoyFULL Attitude of Gratitude.

Consciously Choose to Affirm the Multitude of Blessings that Already Exist WithIN you and Around You.

Seek Reasons to Offer Words of Praise to Yourself and Others.

Purposefully and Passionately Begin Your Day Visualizing Your Radiant, Healthy Body, Your Overflowing Bank Accounts and Your BlissFULL Relationships with Renewed Vitality and Clarity.

Honor your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Compassion, Grace, and Forgiveness.

Breathe Deeply and Consciously, Intending to Move any and ALL Stagnant Energy with each Breath.

Gently and Joyfully Release the People and Patterns that no Longer INspire and Allow for Connection, Harmony and Peace.

Embrace the Reality that Limitless Wealth and Success is Your Birthright.

Bless and Support Others With an Open Heart at Every Opportunity.

Remember to Play, Dance, Sing, and Move Your Body.

See through the Eyes of Divinity. Hear through the Ears of Divinity. Feel through the Heart of Divinity.

Acknowledge the Beauty and Blessings in Nature and in Others.

Seek Opportunities to Heal Yourself and Others by Letting Go of the Past and Choosing Love NOW.

Embrace Opportunities to BE Uplifted and Inspired.

Boldly BE YOU. No Exceptions.

Laugh Easily, Joyfully and Often.

Choose Consistent and Powerful Feelings of Well-Being and Ideal Health.

Give of Yourself, Your Time, Your Attention, Your Focus and Your Love FULLY AND COMPLETELY.

Celebrate the Your Moment to Moment Power to Choose.

Unleash Your Unique Creative Genius and Trust that You are Exceptional in Every Way.

Claim each day as a New Opportunity to BE the Best Version of YOU.

Get in SYNC with your Soul.

Remember that You are a Precious Jewel of Divine Beauty, Brilliance and Light.

Radiant Your Light Confidently and Know that Everything You Need and Desire is Yours NOW.


All my love,


BE a catalyst in your own life by letting the flow from withIN. BE the SOURCE of all you wish to RECEIVE! Ask yourself the bold, direct questions! Are you letting the energy of love flow through you? Are you more lackFULL or joyFULL? Is your consciousness filled with more lack or JOY, fear or love? Do you expect there will always be enough or do you expect there will never be enough? Do you practice the frequency of cynicism or celebration more often? Do you support and amplify lack and resistance with your attention and focus? Are you living in a world fueled by doubt or desire? Are you purposefully practicing the purest expression of your highest thoughts, words, actions and responses? Is your consciousness benefiting or blocking the flow of abundance in your life? Are you focused more on the presence of absence of love/money/success/inspiration in your life?

Are you the creative culprit….are you the bliss and blessing BLOCKER of your own life? wink emoticon Are your conversations and opinions blocking or allowing the flow of blessings in your life? There is an energetic portal that opens when we let go of the lackFULL thoughts, labels, attachments, patterns, conditions, emotions, ideas, beliefs. It is a state of consciousness where blessings dwell. They already exist. We simply have to attune our vibration to see/hear/feel/notice/receive/claim them.

Is your focus sabotaging your receiving capacities? Now is the time to upSHIFT into a state of expanded expectation. No, you won’t be let down expecting the best for yourself unless you believe you will be let down! That is just another limiting belief. We require new expanded beliefs to experience a new, expanded reality. You are worthy and deserving of blessings beyond measure. It’s a state of being that is self-selected and self-cultivated. Will you give yourself this gift?

No more blocking the flow of your bliss and blessings! (wink wink) It’s a choice. Let go of the “ING’ing” – complaining, criticizing, judging, blaming, analyzing once and for all! Don’t be a love and blessing blocker! (be playFULL with this!) It’s time to LET LOVE IN…let in swim in through and around you! LET ABUNDANCE IN… LET BLESSINGS FLOW… play, laugh, dance, sing, be grateful, be intentional, be clear, be receptive, and celebrate the creative power you have to select your FOCUS, be discerning and allow the most optimal expression of YOU and your life to unfold with grace, beauty and ease!

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Super Moon Lunar Eclipse! Strong shifts! New beginnings! Fresh starts! It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel … Liberated … Awesome … Empowered! Do YOU? What do you claim, choose, and intend for? Get clear and utilize this opportunity to mold your infinite potential with your focus and intentions.

This is powerful time! It truly is a rare celestial treat when a supermoon, the closest full moon of the year, and a total lunar eclipse happen simultaneously. The moon appear up to 14 percent larger in the night sky, AND also look red during the eclipse, which is why many refer to it as the “blood moon.” The last time Earth saw a supermoon eclipse was 1982 and it won’t happen again until 2033. The moon tonight will be in just the right spot to cruise through Earth’s shadow. When the moon is completely within Earth’s shadow, direct light from the sun is blocked and the moon will turn a reddish color as it reflects the light of all of the sunsets and sunrises happening on Earth. At the same time Earth will also experience a “supermoon,” the closest full moon of the year.The two events occurring at the same time is uncommon; it’s only happened five times since 1900 and won’t happen again for another 18 years.

So, here is an invitation for you: Will you say “YES!” and truly feel the winds of change, creation, and expansion? Will you claim your role as prime energetic architect of your personal new paradigm and cultivate the purity of clear new intentions, as well as new ways of living, choosing, responding, acting and being? Why not *dare to be the divine human* you are intended to be, and celebrate the daily discoveries of ascending consciousness available to you? We are here to celebrate the richness of this physical form while experiencing this powerful ascension in consciousness! Let’s expand the term light workers to ***light players*** and really claim our creative roles as way showers of this new era on earth.

Powerful times, my friends. All my love to you!



Hello Soul Family! I sit down to write this at 11:11. How perfect. What a tremendous opportunity we have for energetic expansion with the Autumn Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and the influx of gamma rays from Wave X! What does it all mean? As always, I perceive this as an INTERNAL opportunity for the expansion of our awareness, frequency and consciousness. Any and all shifts occur first within us. We share this beautiful collective space, and yet we are all remembering the truth of our innate, eternal, divine nature in unique ways at unique times. We are living in our own self-selected and self generated realities, and yet our personal expansion impacts the whole.

At this time, we are being offered the grand opportunity for further awakening, upgrading, re-calibration, and re-alignment with the support of this tremendously powerful influx of light right now. There has been great momentum building with the new moon solar eclipse from Sept 12-13th, the upcoming equinox Sept 22-23rd PLUS the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse Sept 27-28th and Wave X.

Have you felt it? Wowza. I know I have! With each blast of light, the physical body is called to release any lower level frequencies (thoughts, emotions, patterns, programs) within. This is our invitation to purge, release and let go of these old limiting programs and their associated density from the body. From a higher, divine perspective, all physical symptoms are a call for release; a call from the soul to highlight remaining heaviness, allow for its release, and pave the energetic pathway for the expansion that is now available.

We are refining and tuning our frequency which requires the clearing out of all toxicity in thought, emotion, belief and behavior (rooted in core fears of safety, security, and control) in order for us to expand into the fullness of the light that we are. Any emotional or physical discomfort is intended to highlight internal resistance and reveal old patterns that no longer serve us. When we intend to see things from the soul perspective, we have the option to have gratitude for these challenges because they are gifting us with the revelation of remaining subconscious programming that is blocking the expansion that is our birthright.

All is but a divinely designed opportunity for a shift in thought, belief, action and perception. It’s important to affirm that we are safe, supported and in the flow of divine timing at all times. We are infinitely supported and can call upon that divine support at any given moment. May you ride these waves of expansion with as much self trust, self love, grace, ease, peace and harmony as possible.

All my love to you ~ Cari



1selftrustTrust Your INTUITION: Acknowledge Your INNER GUIDANCE and the Power of Synchronicity!

I feel INspired to relay a message about the power of listening to our intuition today! The following is an excerpt from my latest international bestselling book, TREASURES OF HEAVEN: LESSONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE about trusting our inner guidance and acknowledging the power of synchronicity!

“Open yourself to fascinating new vistas of consciousness by connecting to the brilliant counselor within. Never again rely on anything outside yourself to determine your path or provide you with validation or approval. All your answers reside within, revealing themselves externally with greater frequency as you pay attention to their subtle guidance. Signs come to you in one of six ways: sight, sound, taste, smell, feeling, or involuntary body movement. These signs are being communicated by your “inner guru”. The intuitive messages are divinely inspired. They answer a question, guide you in a particular direction, or offer specific knowledge applicable to a current situation.

When you pay attention and expect synchronistic moments, you leave behind “luck” and “coincidence” and notice the inspired opportunities your soul places in your path. The more deeply you notice and understand synchronicity, the more you will be able to see the myriad waysthat your soul is attempting to communicate with you. The goal? Purposeful expansion and conscious living! Awaken your innate ability to unravel the meaning of the synchronistic patterns in your own life and surroundings. When you detect synchronistic events around you, the benefits are monumental. You can directly participate in the unfolding of your divine destiny and the manifestation of synchronistic phenomena through vigilance and focused attention. What’s more empowering than realizing your power to be the conscious creator of your life experience? Synchronistic events will be attracted according to the way you expect them.

Shakespeare said all the world is a stage, and this is literally true. Reality is intentionally created. Every event- no matter how small or vast in scale, whether momentary or the culmination of millionsof years of unseen causes and effects, is attracted by the energy you emit. We are the on-stage actors, but we have become so absorbed in our parts that we forget we are on our very own stage. It’s time to awaken! Here. Now. Awaken to the awareness that you are on your self-created stage. Some of the other actors around you may proceed through their lives in a semi-trancelike state, but you have awakened to a highly engineered reality, similar to the holodecks of Star Trek or the computer-generated realities of “The Matrix” movies!

You are free to act-out your personal drama as you please. The beauty of understanding synchronicity is realizing you are not alone on stage, having to direct, produce and star in the production all by yourself! There is a stage crew, people working behind the scenes to keep the play going smoothly. This ever-supportive energetic crew helps you by arranging all the events and circumstances of your life. You are the actor, and your (divine) production crew uses the unseen extra dimensions to arrange the synchronicities that give meaning to your production! Most actors around you never come out of character to even notice the stage crew. They take matters unfolding in their plays very seriously, but are unaware of the support they receive in arranging their reality.

You, on the other hand, are now conscious, and know your personal stage crew is ready to arrange events for you to help in your chosen plot. Who are these crew members? Just souls like yourself, but residing in the invisible realms waiting to lend a hand. Now that you know they are involved, you can converse with them through the synchronistic events they create. They communicate with you not only through events, but through other actors who remain consciously unaware of this stage crew.

Now you are aware, so look for synchronistic events indicating signals from the stage crew! Have fun with this new empowering information and allow it to add more color, vibrancy, interest and passion to your journey. Life is meant to be FUN. Allow synchronicity to add that FUN!” ~ Much love to you ALL! – Cari


We were born to become walking, talking, living miracles, conscious pioneers as we merge the physical and spiritual and create our very own fountain of youth! In this powerful time of transformation, we can intend for this more than ever before! Here is an excerpt from my latest international bestselling book, TREASURES OF HEAVEN, on this very topic:

“Do you want to inhabit a self-rejuvenating, self-regenerating, ageless body? Do you want to experience markedly increased energy, improved endurance, improved sleep patterns, a calmer disposition, increased clarity and natural healing throughout your body?

Your belief system holds the key. As you believe, so shall you be! Limiting thoughts and beliefs promote illness, aging and death and stop us from enjoying eternal youth. Would you like to create a body free of illness, dis-ease and limitation? Most diseases are caused by mental and emotional stress inhabiting your energy field. Stress is caused by imbalanced, fearful attitudes and beliefs which eventually become physical symptoms. These symptoms, when ignored or suppressed with medicine alone, lead to disease. Everyday tension, dispassionate living, financial and relationship anxieties, as well as the toxicity of emotional pain, anger and resentment block the flow of our energy fields. The stagnation of the energetic and physical pathways clog up the natural flow of life-force energy and leads to dis-ease. The beauty is that the solution can be very simple! Remove the obstructions and become whole again!

No amount of money, vitamins, powders, shakes, creams, hormones or b12 shots will ever make you feel the vibrancy that is your divine birthright! You simple cannot buy life-force energy. When you remove the physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances a little more each day, you will naturally allow a resurgence of fresh-flowing life-force energy throughout your body that will fuel you with a brand new sense of vitality – generated from the inside-out! Spiritual energy healing will also clear negative cellular memory. Each of our cells has a consciousness, which is influenced positively or negatively by thought. When our thoughts are combined with strong intention and specific techniques, we can direct powerful waves of energy to alter the information in the cells and produce positive new results! Disease, aging and death are ancient thoughts implanted in our consciousness. We are highly creative and powerful beings! The body is the ‘temple of the soul’ and our divine potential allows us to transform our bodies at anytime. We rejuvenate when we trust our bodies innate capacity to guide us back to wholeness.

Multi-dimensional awareness allows us to move beyond legacies of limitation. This is part of our evolution as souls here on earth. To upgrade our consciousness and physical bodies, our souls must clear the bodies’ mental and emotional distortions to bring us back into alignment with our original divine blueprints. You can achieve this through daily intention, meditation, self nurturing patterns and habits, but it must be a committed daily regimen. When we first become aware of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, we realize we have accumulated many attitudes and beliefs which are not in harmony with our blueprints. These attitudes create toxic energies that must be cleared so our bodies can refocus on our original blueprints. This occurs when we enhance the flow of life force energy within our bodies with deliberate intention and conscious, inspired action.

Practice shifting from the go-go-go mentality to pauses which balance, ground and center you.The purpose in integrating these tools into your daily practice is to increase the flow of harmonious energy in your body. In order for your own life force energy to transform you, it must flow as freely, easily, and rapidly as possible throughout your body. They key is removing the obstructions (mental, emotional and physical) that prevent optimal life force energy from flowing through your energy field easily, like a swiftly running river. The primary intention with any of these daily disciplines is to create a body that operates with a clear, unobstructed flow! Your body and your energy cannot be depleted when fresh life-force energy is consistently flowing through it. You could consider this ever-present, always available life-force energy as your very own fountain of youth! Yet, the only way to access the fountain is allowing the free flow of this energy as often as possible.” Much love to you ALL, Cari

~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~

Hacked By GeNErAL


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