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When we expand our understanding and perception of challenges, we step into the natural flow of our intended evolution. Challenges are not punishment, nor do we benefit from condemning ourselves or others because of them. Challenges are potential openings into greater options; openings into grand new playing fields of frequency. They are option openers! They are divinely designed invitations into greater self awareness, empowerment, self accountability, self responsibility and self love. They offer renewed clarity to our preferences, heightened levels of discernment with our choices, and enhanced ownership of our energetic “signal.” Challenges are invitations into the refined ownership of our focus, our responses, our communication our moment to moment creations. They are potential doorways into vast new landscapes of reality – of our choosing and of our making. We are the selectors, and we give meaning and value to all that we experience. The key is deliberately assigning optimal value to ALL and acknowledging the gifts and opportunities contained withIN ALL. This show is intended to raise your energetic standards so that your translation, interpretation and responses to all present and future experiences is *progressive* and infinitely beneficial for your soul. Join our ever-evolving community with over 2+ million subscribed listeners and lets get inspired!


We have the creative capacity to fuel all of our attention on focusing forward in our lives, and igniting a new highly empowered inner BRILLIANCE empire where everything is possible! We are truly master creators. This show is intended to activate the inner genius within us all!

Launching a new inner brilliance empire involves realizing that we have the capacity to transform any perceived weakness into our greatest strength! We are alive in these physical bodies to hone and master those qualities with in us that we may have previously labeled in a less than positive way. We are never ever doomed to a life or lifestyle or perspective of personality that is limited! We came into this physical world as eternal spirits with the intention of refining, enhancing and expanding our energetic expression in every single way.

Our attention to something only exaggerates it’s expression in our lives, therefore It is wise to be discerning about the selection of our focus because without proper direction, it can exaggerate perceived flaws, perceived weaknesses, injustices or negativity in our lives. Everything we experience is rooted in our perception of it! A shift in our focus reveals a shift in our expression, which reveals a shift in the quality of our experiences and what shows up in our path. With clear conscious intention and awareness we can choose to no longer perpetuate limiting states of being, remembering that it is our birthright to expand beyond faulty ideas and perceptions of ourselves and reality, and into our innate state of brilliance!!

Claiming our inner genius and activating our inner brilliance involves shifting from any warped illusory perspective we have of ourselves; shifting away from limiting patterns and into new highly empowered patterns of accurately seeing ourselves as the infinitely powerful and creative beings that we are! Join me and let’s fuel the flow of brilliance in our lives!


We are new earth activators, creators and alchemists! Being “blessed’ is our birthright! Being blessed requires being LESS of our limited selves and MORE of our infinitely powerful and creative selves! Each and every one of us are leaders. We are leading the creation of our lives in each new moment. As empowered leaders, we must consciously let go of the lack consciousness (less-Ings!) to open up, create, receive, and allow the blessings to FLOW! As empowered leaders, we must consciously release dread, disappointment and doubt to allow ourselves the complete FREEDOM of pure expression that is our birthright. We must shift from being lackFULL to being joyFULL in our opinions and offerings of ourselves and our light. My invitation to you: Be Bold from withIN. Be authentically, powerfully, divinely visible. No more dimmed down, watered down versions of YOU! Be fully invested in igniting, sharing and revealing yourself without fearFULL filters limiting your heartFULL expression. No more partial participation in activation of your full radiance. No more partial commitment to your expansion. To claim our roles as leaders of own creative design teams, we have to let go of self imposed limitations, hesitation, suppression, avoidance, judgment, inner constraints, patterns of compromising our integrity, attachments, or anything that halts or prevents the full CELEBRATION of who we are. This celebration opens the portal for infinite blessings to FLOW. Will you say “YES!” to gifting yourself with this intentional, self-selected opportunity to be YOU FULLY without reservation? Will you say “YES!” to no longer depriving yourself of THE BLESSINGS that naturally and easily flow with the realization and embodiment of the most optimal version of YOU? Will YOU commit to releasing the “lessINGS” and increasing the “blessings?’


This show is truly dedicated to those who are committed to their own personal evolution, which requires taking revolutionary responsibility for our existence. YOU really Are An Interior Designer: The Master Molder, Shaper, Creator Designer, Allower Be-er, Chooser and Doer of Your Life Experience; you are the writer editor producer and storyteller. And… here is your Universal Spoiler Alert: The End of This Story is UP TO YOU. It is the choices and responses you make in each new moment that maps new pathways within you and around you. The more committed you are to your own evolution, the more you accelerate the opening of exciting new possibilities, options and opportunities. They expand as you do.

A good question to ask: Are You Cheering on Life or Criticizing it? Becoming aware of that answer is the way that you claim heightened revolutionary responsibility ( which is just the conscious ability to respond to life ). The evolution of your eternal essence requires a developed habit or pattern of consciously selecting the energy that you will form your reality with by deciding to cheer yourself and life on rather than condemning or criticizing it.

Part of this conscious journey of evolution is becoming a master at translating and responding to our experiences in a way that we are able to celebrate them more often then criticize them. Our environment is intended to elicit and evoke evolutionary opportunities for expansion on a soul level. The way we revolutionize our responsibility to ourselves and revolutionized the optimization of our journeys here on planet earth is by seeing AND seizing all as an opportunity to heighten and expand our frequency and therefore gain access to broader playing fields of consciousness. Join me and let’s EXPAND together!


Are you ready to claim your role as the decider of your destiny?

The word destiny often implies that there is a predetermined plan that we are destined to discover, and yet this completely leaves out the freedom and the liberation we intended experience here on planet earth! Destiny, when looked upon from a broader perspective, is a fluid representation of the callings of our soul as those inner stirrings attempt to steer us toward the most optimal pathways providing the grandest creative expressions available to us at any given time!

To simplify this term from a broader perspective, our “destiny” is simply to decide, determine and take charge of the optimal creative unfolding of our lives. There is nothing that should or that must be done. In this journey, there is only the claiming OR denying of our creative potential.

Destiny is really synonymous with creating. Yes, we had general intentions when deciding to come here and experience life as an immortal spirit in physical form on planet earth, but the details we left open! The beautiful and brilliant details of our destinies are realized in the day-to-day decisions we make.

Join me and our global listening family with over 2.5 million subscribers and let’s get empowered together!


Cultivating the Art of Abundant Living is a joyful practice of expanding our ability to appreciate life more than we condemn or judge it. The frequency of lack, and our attention to it is the only thing that prevents us from realizing the infinite, abundant nature of our creative potential and this universe!

Practicing feelings of fear, worry, doubt, concern and injustice cultivates the art of lackFULL living! No one consciously chooses to cultivate that art, and yet it is important to deliberately cultivate the opposite. This show is intended to support us ALL in placing our emphasis and focus on cultivating the art of abundance, which is rooted in appreciation, generosity, empowerment, celebration, praise and love. We decide the creative players of energy that we include in our daily experience, so why not choose creative players like joy, exhilaration and appreciation? Why not allow these highly empowering emotional and energetic players to be the most active creative components formulating your experiences?

Abundance is not a finite frequency, nor is fortune finite in its availability to us! The energy of abundance has no limits. It is not reserved for special for you. It is not divvied out portion by portion based on background, education, status or anything else. This energy is always expanding and always available to each of us. Let’s CULTIVATE THE ART OF ABUNDANT LIVING tap into the FLOW TOGETHER.


Are you more critical or complimentary of yourself, of life and others? With your thoughts, words and attention, are you promoting more possibility or more problems? Are you ready to shift away from your stress and S-T-R-E-T-C-H into the supreme satisfaction of self-selected expansion and success? We are alive to thrive through and beyond stress, and that state of thriving doesn’t deprive anyone else of anything! In fact, as we choose to thrive while the world around us appears to be stressed, we support the amplification of our entire planet thriving!

If you are reading this now, or if you listen to a show like mine, it is clear that you were born to change this world! You are alive to participate in the creation of new earth as a wayshower; a pioneer of consciousness. You are here to pronounce and proclaim pure possibility, no matter what the circumstances around you may reflect. The stress that we incur is but an opportunity to stretch our consciousness and announce, declare, pronounce and proclaim a grander perspective reflective of our pure, divine, and infinitely creative potential. No matter what’s going on in the collective; no matter what energy is “out there”, everything offers an opportunity for us to offer the opposite energy that produces stress. Everything “out there” is an opportunity for us to stretch beyond stress and expand our capacity to embody the frequency of love. Join me and let’s EXPAND!


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  • “The Cari Murphy Show” is an internationally syndicated weekly hour long program hosted by Media Host Cari Murphy. Cari’s intention is to impact the lives of millions globally by providing them with information, inspiration and tools for inner worth, outer wealth and personal empowerment. Since her near death experience in 1997, she has remained committed to empowering a global audience with messages and information intended to activate their infinite potential so they can lead with their soul.

  • The show has received phenomenal reviews and currently has a subscribed listening audience of 750,000+. Cari is an expert in the field of Spiritual, Lifestyle and Transformational Media Hosting and Programming.

  • As a Global Soul Success Coach coaching tens of thousands worldwide, Award-Winning Author, including the Best-Seller: Create Change Now, Speaker, Celebrated Media Personality, and Founder and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, Cari is passionate about creating positive change.
  • If you crave authentic success that flows from the inside-out, this show is for you! This program can be likened to a weekly multi-vitamin for the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Cari conducts lively, passionate discussions devoted to personal transformation, tapping into our creative potential, spirituality, the evolution of the soul, global awakening, self improvement, personal success, health/wellness and positive living.
  • Join Cari every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Pacific to get your weekly dose of inspiration! Cari welcomes you every Wednesday of each month on Contact Talk Radio as she hosts “The Cari Murphy Show” and interviews leading personal development experts, success coaches, health/wellness professionals, energy healers, speakers, mystics, visionaries, and authors from around the globe who share their research, ageless truths, perspectives, and personal stories.
  • Cari’s show will uplift your spirit, shift your perspective, and support you in making more conscious choices in your day to day life. She inspires listeners to take responsibility for the quality of their lives and embrace their full potential.
  • CONTACT CARI AT: or Toll-Free at 1-800-704- SOUL

Go to the TuneIn link which you can directly click play on whichever show you want to listen to, or you have the option to subscribe to the show by email, and each new show is sent directly into your email inbox. “The Cari Murphy Show” On TuneIn


Several Customer Reviews (More Found on iTunes!)


Cari is one of a kind!  by Tom Haupt

What can I say about the beautiful Cari Murphy. Cari embodies the essence of soulfulness with her spirit and energy. I had the honor of being an interviewed guest on her radio show March 29th, 2010 and I had the most enjoyable hour of my day spending time with her. She is a consummate professional that was well prepared, asked pertinent questions and was grounded in the topic of the show.
Always looking out for the best interest of her listeners, she challenged me to provide life changing exercises not just theory, to support them in achieving their goals and dreams. I am eternally grateful to have met Cari at this point in my career. Thanks Cari for doing what you do!

True Inspiration for Change by Lisa Donovan

I enjoyed this show so much that I even subscribed to the podcast and had my husband listen to it. We both love it! We are officially fans- loyal fans. Cari has such warmth in her books and her messages and this show just reveals that to an even larger audience. Her newsletter and blog are also wonderful sources of daily inspiration. Cari is the real deal. I can't wait to hear Monday's broadcast. We give this show 5 stars! Tune in, you'll become a fan, no doubt.

Excellent Broadcasts by Matthew Pierson

This show is one of the best radio shows out there. Cari, the host, is excellent and the tone is upbeat and powerfully informative. The hour flys by and you feel as though you've just been to a paid seminar and learned actual tools to change your life. I will be a devoted listener to this podcast each week. I'm a big fan. I also joined Cari's fanpage on Facebook. She has quite a following with her books, newsletter, daily blog posts and more. She really is inspirational and provides value in everything she offers. Can't wait to hear the next show!

How Can I Help You?

Endorsements from Past Guests

“Cari Murphy is truly a messenger of love and light. Being on her radio show was like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, and never wanting the discussion to end. Cari's passion, authenticity and love for people, makes her a shining example of what inspired living looks like. I absolutely know her work is changing the world for the better.”

Michael J. Chase
Bestselling Author, Speaker & Founder of The Kindness Center

“Words cannot express how great it was to be on The Cari Murphy Show. She was honest and passionate in her approach to my work and the practice of past life regression. Her gift is her ability to create an immediate connection with you through her questions and experiences. Thank you so much, Cari, for your beautiful spirit and passion - your show allowed me to share stories from my book and to become friends with you. Together we opened the door for many of your listeners to explore their past lives! Take the opportunity to experience Cari Murphy. Your soul will sing, your heart will grow and your spirit will soar with her wonderful energy and love!”

Mira Kelley, Regressionist and Author of Beyond Past Lives

“Cari, you are such a joy to be with! Your spirit of enthusiasm and charisma is contagious! I thank you so much for the honor of being a guest on your show. I loved the conversation and I am deeply grateful for your graciousness in having me share the platform with you on messages that we are so aligned on. Much love and many thanks!”

DIANNE COLLINS, Author and Creator of the QuantumThink® System of thinking

“Cari, you little fireball ...I adore YOU! What a great interviewer you are! I would love to see you have a major show somewhere and I am contributing energy to that happening! You are seriously awesome and I had so much fun! You have this amazing way of bringing out the greatness of what someone can share and offer. I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am for you!”

DR. DAIN HEER, International speaker, Author and the co-creator of Access Consciousness

“The love in Cari's heart is so palpable; it transforms any interview into a catalyst of healing for the well-being of all.”

MATT KAHN, Spiritual Teacher, Mystic and Intuitive Healer

“What a blessing to be interviewed by Cari Murphy. Cari has a depth of understanding that is exceptional. Right from the start of our chat I immediately felt like I was talking with a life long friend who is on the same wavelength as I am! Musicians like myself often have been on a journey that is less than "normal" and involves many challenging adventures. Cari cellularly understands the more subtle workings of music, sound, frequency and energy. Add to this her awareness of self responsibility in all moments, which opens the door to self healing, and you have a winning combination. Her knowledge and wisdom extends to a wide range of topics and specialties as a result of her openness to experience and fully participate in life. It is no wonder that her show is at the top tier. I anxiously look forward to our next time together and many more as I feel Cari is a dear friend as well as a collaborator. Cari is a true gift to the world of Higher Consciousness, Human Potential, Awakening and Oneness.”

JIM OLIVER, Emmy Award-winning musician, performer and presenter. Owner, Oliver Music, LLC: Record Label

“Thanks so much for being a phenomenal host! Your guidance allowed us to share to the fullest of what's available in this new field of sexual enlightenmentemt. You have such a beautiful way of going into depth of the subject matter while sharing lightness and joy. It was inspiring being on your show!”

DR. ELSBETH MEUTH & FREDDY ZENTAL WEAVER, Founders of TantraNova Institute

“Cari Murphy opens the door to the domain of the infinite, immortal, and eternal and leads us to this awareness. If you are looking for greater joy and fulfillment in your life, don't deny yourself this journey.”

LARRY DOSSEY, MD, New York Times Best Selling Author, Lecturer, Reinventing Medicine

“Being interviewed by Cari Murphy is like having a conversation with your best friend. Is informative, honest, valuable, funny, happy, intense etc. It is REAL LIFE! She is AWESOME!”

DR. FAB MANCINI, Bestselling author of The Power of Self-Healing and President Emeritus of Parker University

“Over the last 44 years that I've been teaching I've been interviewed hundreds of times and it is rare to be interviewed by someone of Cari's caliber. She allows her guest to shine while at the same time making sure that there is information shared that is helpful to each of her listeners. She is a remarkable woman and it was an honor to be on her show.”

DENISE LINN, Internationally Acclaimed Healer, Lecturer, and Best Selling Author

“Cari, I had an over the top amazing time on your show! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and bright light with me as well as the rest of the world!!!! You rock!!!! Keep shining bright!”

DR. DARREN R. WEISSMAN, Developer of The LifeLine Technique®

“Cari blends heart, spirit, strength and passion together in an irresistible combination that clearly has the power to create a resonant field of transformation for all who come in contact with it. I am inspired by the many ways she consistently demonstrates her commitment to growth and expansion. Her open-heartedness and beauty shine through the interviews we have done together, providing a living example of what I call SHAKTI. In deep gratitude.”

LISA SCHRADER, Founder of Awakening Shakti

“Cari rocked my world with her in-depth interview and loving approach. She focuses on extracting practical wisdom from her guests so she can best help her listeners. She's one of the best interviewers I've ever met! She's loving, wise, spiritual and more.”

DR. JOE VITALE, Star of the movie “The Secret,” Best Selling Author, Law of Attraction Expert

“I have done countless radio shows over the last five years, but "The Cari Murphy Show" and Cari Murphy stand out as the most professional show, host and interview of my experience. She is absolutely top-notch!”


“Cari Murphy is an EXCELLENT INTERVIEWER! She is fully present and asks questions which allow you to speak to your strengths and the wisdom you are there to impart to her listening audience. Also, she does her research. There's not a moment of wasted space without a pertinent question asked. Cari truly cares that both her listeners and her guests get benefit from the interview. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out her events, books and soul coaching programs, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CARI as a host, without reservation.”


“What an honor it was to do Cari's show. Her depth of wisdom and willingness to explore and play opened up a space for such creative discovery and breakthrough insights -- I could just feel the energy brimming. Some people just bring out the best in you -- and Cari is definitely on that list.”

DEREK RYDALL, Best-Selling Author, Coach, Founder of The Law of Emergence and Emergineering

“Cari is a BLAST! Wonderful, intelligent, articulate, and informed interviewer! Just like talking to a girlfriend who just so happens to be much more enlightened!! Loved being on her show.”

COLETTE BARON-REID, Intuitive Coach©, Life Strategist and #1 Best Selling Author

“I am a huge believer in Cari Murphy and the work she does in the world. In this time of uncertainty and confusion, she brings great depth, wisdom and solutions to those looking to experience more love and prosperity in their lives. I highly recommend you follow Cari's path as you move forward on your own journey. She is a master at finding the perfect balance between the physical and spiritual dimensions. In this world full of people putting themselves out there as 'experts', Cari is the real deal... she truly lives what she speaks about and surrounds herself with other great leaders”

RICH GERMAN, International business and lifestyle coach, best-selling author, and public speaker

“Cari Murphy has a heart of gold, and you feel it from the moment she speaks. Her words encourage and inspire you to face your challenges and live a fulfilling life. What better friend and mentor could you have than that?”

MARLISE KARLIN, Internationally renowned author, recording artist, educator, and humanitarian, recognized for igniting the power of peace in people around the world. Founder of The Simplicity of Stillness® Method

“Being on radio and sharing my message is such an important facet of getting my message out to the world. What really makes these calls memorable and powerful is working with a truly dynamic host. My interview with Cari Murphy was one of the most enjoyable and powerful interviews I've ever done. It is an art in itself for a host to truly control the flow of an interview and to build enthusiastic energy. Cari is a master! She asked great questions and is obviously very committed to providing her audience with content that will inspire them on their journey through life! I truly had a fantastic time and really appreciated her insight, wisdom and passion.”

MARK ROMERO, Founder & CEO of Mark Romero Music, Personal and Professional Development Leader

“It was such a pleasure to be one of the speakers on your fabulous Create Change Now Telesummit. You are truly one of the most talented coaches and radio hosts world-wide. Your authenticity and ability to blend wisdom, heart and soul are truly unique and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your gifts and helping so many others to find and believe in their own.”

FRIEDEMANN SCHAUB, MD, PhD, Break-through and Empowerment Expert and Founder of

“You are AMAZING Cari! Thank you for such a beautifully led event and call and for that incredible spirit of yours and goodness, are you ever the Barbara Walters of interviews! You got my tearing up there at the end with your question! WOW! Love you and what you stand for and thank you for that great opportunity to share with you and your community. KUDOS!”

LYNN ROSE, “The Voice of Transformation,” Multi-faceted Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, TV/Radio Host

“Praises for Cari! Cari Murphy is an astonishing gift. She dives deep into the richness and the blessing of what you long to share with an audience and makes every moment of the interview and time together profound. She gathers the pearls of wisdom and delivers them with care and enthusiasm. Cari is so generous of heart that any show she does will be a wonderful one.”

ELI DAVIDSON, Reinvention Expert, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

“It was a great pleasure to share knowledge and wisdom with such a bright light as you, Cari. You are amazing from the word go and on a wonderful mission to touch, heal and lift souls to their highest light. I am honored to know you experience the greatness that you exemplify.”

DAVID NEAGLE, Founder of Life is Now, Inc., Self Made Millionaire, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Mindset Mentor, and INCOME ACCELERATION COACH

“You know, I've worked with a lot of people and there's no one who walks her talk like Cari Murphy. She is doing amazing, huge things and empowers people wherever she goes. I was just interviewed by Cari on her radio show and was blown away by her presence and by what a light she is. I'm blessed and honored to have met you, Cari, and I can't wait to see the impact that the path that you blaze has on the world.”


“Cari Murphy is my favorite interviewer. I have literally been interviewed by thousands of people in the last eight years, and I can't think of one person, nationally or internationally, who asks better questions or who gets to the heart of the matter better than Cari does. I feel honored to work with her and get into in depth conversations with her. The spiritual community of the world is better off because of her coaching, her radio show, and her work.”

GARY RENARD, International Speaker and Best Selling Author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality

“Cari Murphy exemplifies inspiration. She is a walking, talking example of how to live the life she speaks of on her radio show, in her books and her coaching. Her dedication to providing writings, coaching, informational products, group programs, podcasts, audios and more that are designed to awaken and inspire a consciousness shift in our world is evident. Cari's works empowers you to you slow down, focus on the present, and choose to detach from the chaos of your life by living with purpose, passion, and conscious intentions. Read her writings. Coach with her. Listen to her radio show, 'Create Change Now,' and you will undoubtedly begin to notice a beautiful transformation in your life. She offers tangible action steps for creating the abundance, prosperity, and success that is meant to be yours. Cari is a divine catalyst for positive change in our world.”

EVA GREGORY, MasterCoach, Author, Speaker, Law of Attraction Expert, and Conscious Channel

“I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on Cari's radio show 'Create Change Now' and enjoyed every minute of our time together. Most importantly, Cari delivers tremendous value to her audience and clients. She digs deep into the issues that people want solutions for in all of her work and engages her guest and her audience with finesse, class, and fun. Cari is one of the best radio show hosts I've had the pleasure to be interviewed by. You are guaranteed to have a great time AND reach a wide audience of eager listeners.”

PEGGY MCCOLL, New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker

“Cari is a beautiful soul who makes her clients and those around her shine. I had the honor of being her very first guest on her 'Create Change Now' radio show. She's a pleasure to work with!”

NOAH ST. JOHN, Inventor of Afformations, Speaker, and Author of The Secret Code of Success

“I recently had the honor of being interviewed on Cari's 'Create Change Now' radio show and had a great time. Cari is one of the best interviewers and hosts that I have ever had the opportunity to be interviewed by. Cari asks the important questions that people want answers to. Her worldwide audience will definitely walk away with clear steps to achieve their greatest lives. As a listener, you are assured to have fun while learning on this show. That is guaranteed.”

CHRISTY WHITMAN, Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy

“Cari is an unsurpassed host, with a zest for life that is evident during her interviews. She's prepared, highly aware, charismatic, and really wants her listeners to walk away with valuable information, so their lives are transformed. I highly recommend her show, her coaching, and her work. Cari simply rocks!”

DAVID ESSEL ,Author, Radio/Tv Host, Adjunct Professor, Master Life Coach, All Faiths Minister

“Cari is an inspiration force for good in this world. She is a great interviewer, charismatic leader and coach, and a champion of people interested in being their best. I highly recommend Cari and enjoy working with her whenever I get a chance.”

DR. JOE RUBINO CEO, Center For Personal Reinvention, BestSelling Author, Trainer, Speaker

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