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Cari Murphy is a Soul Success Coach, the award winning author of six books, including the International bestselling books TREASURES OF HEAVEN: LESSONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE and Create Change Now: Personal Reflections for Personal Transformation, the Host the of the Internationally syndicated “THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL” with 1 Million+ subscribed listeners, the President and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, and a celebrated dynamic, motivational speaker and interviewer. Following a transformational near death experience in 1997, Cari’s life purpose became crystal clear. Her intention is to reach, empower and inspire millions globally and she is passionately devoted to increasing the consciousness of the planet and creating positive global change.

Cari has coached and mentored tens of thousands of people around the globe through her transformational books, coaching programs, telesummits, interviews, workshops, audio programs, home study courses, videos and more. She is devoted to expanding the field of Spiritual, Lifestyle and Transformational Media Hosting and Programming and thrives on inspiring her audiences, clients, readers and listeners to become the soul-driven conscious creators, spiritual leaders and celebrated business professionals they are meant to be. If you are ready to shine…perhaps even in front of millions… and live a lifestyle deserving of your soul’s brilliance, Cari will help you step onto that grand stage and co-create your destiny in a way that is perfectly aligned with your soul. You can learn more about Cari and her work at

Throughout my entire life I’ve been intrigued with human nature, the mysteries of life, and spirituality. I have always been a seeker and a searcher of truth. I was a very introspective child and teen and that insatiable desire for wisdom only heightened as an adult.  Since I was a girl, asking the deeper questions about life, living, and my purpose for being on this earth at this time was commonplace. I never quite felt like I belonged or fit in. As a teenager, a deep interest in spirituality, angels, “outer space” and the stars,   personal development and a more expansive understanding of the inner workings of the psyche and the universe emerged and firmly held my attention and focus.

My passion and deep yearning for an even greater understanding of human nature led me to study psychology in undergraduate school. I took that a step further and studied counseling psychology in graduate school. What I realized was that, for me, there was a missing element in traditional psychology and counseling that left a big void in the process of healing and growth. I knew that missing element and essential ingredient to determining our patterns and our limitless capabilities was within us; it was the soul. The missing spiritual component was so profoundly evident, puzzling, and troublesome to me that I chose to leave the world of traditional psychology and expand my search for knowledge in other ways. I wanted to explore the nature of our immortal spirit and find answers to the questions my religious upbringing was consistently unable to provide. So, I consciously and enthusiastically spent a great deal of time delving into the vast resources available for spiritual growth, awareness, and expansion. This is also when I chose to begin my writing career.  I wrote articles for local and national magazines on spirituality, love, intimacy,  holistic health, personal growth, relationships and more. I also enjoyed writing for greeting card companies. I even wrote and published my first book.

The real turning point came in 1997. I had a transformational near death experience that really shook things up for me. It was a true re-birthing of my spirit. A portal opened that allowed me to remember why I was here. I also opened up to receiving and activating all of my dormant clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. Even though I was as fit and seemingly healthy as could be, it was later revealed that I had been living with an untreated heart condition that had finally reached a boiling point. While being treated at the Houston Medical Center, I lost consciousness and experienced a new, expansive understanding of reality.  The experience was so powerful and life-changing that it completely heightened my intuition and my awareness of who I was as  a soul. I  was awakened to my divinity, purpose and light and was reminded of my true spiritual mission in this lifetime.  It seemed to be the whack on the head I needed to get me back on my soul’s true course. It was as though the blinders had been removed and my spiritual vision was finally clear. After being given doctor’s orders to stay to bed for 6 weeks, I began writing a new book that bared my soul and revealed the divine wisdom that was now pouring through me with ease. It was as though a portal had been opened and all of the knowledge and wisdom from my higher self and the universe were made available to me. I allowed this information to channel its way through me and onto the pages of that book, YOUR SOUL IS CALLING: WILL YOU ACCEPT THE CALL? and numerous articles, poems, and projects that came to fruition during that time.

I went on to write several more books in the fields of inspiration, spirituality and personal growth. I also experienced a strong inner nudging to help people on a more intimate basis. I knew that applying the traditional counseling methods I was taught in college weren’t as heart/soul centered as I felt they could be, nor were they in alignment with this inner nudging and my soul’s sparkling, newfound intentions. I wanted to connect with people and make a significant difference in the quality of their personal journeys to awakening and success. That led me to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming/NLP, Hypnotherapy, get certified as a Life Coach, Business Coach, get attuned to Reiki, study many forms of Energy Medicine, and tap into my gifts as a fully activated Intuitive.  My learning continues to this day. It never ceases, and I consider myself a lifelong student that in no way tires of growth, awareness, and expansion. I have such a zealous fire within me that aspires to attain knowledge that will broaden my awareness, further enlighten me and assist me in enlightening those who enter my path.

My personal journey, all of my mistakes, my obstacles and finally– my wisdom gained — is what I have to offer YOU. I will say that thankfully, within nine or ten months after beginning my coaching career, I had a pretty full practice, averaging about 25 private clients. It soon became a thriving six figure+ business. Now, after clearly discovering that I can be a spiritual being and simultaneously market my business, create and sustain wealth, I’ve exceeded even my highest financial expectations and continue to so with each passing year. I feel very blessed with the phenomenal success of my ever-evolving, ever-growing business and the evolution of my soul.

I take immense pleasure in assisting people who are awakening to their divine nature remember their spiritual light, break through old, limiting barriers and manifest their dreams. As a Soul Success Coach, I use all of the skills, experience, intuitive gifts, healing abilities , tools and systems I have gathered in the past twenty years, and apply them in my individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, speaking events, and retreats with people from all over the world. In addition to my coaching, mentoring, radio hosting, media interviewing and public speaking, I continue to write and develop new books and eBooks, self study programs and audio mp3 recordings, as well as audio CD’s. I feel more driven than ever to continue expanding upon my soul-driven goals and continue expanding my impact and reach in divinely inspired ways.

In January of 2010, I began hosting my Internationally Syndicated Talk Radio Show. Hosting “THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL”  allows me the opportunity to interview leading personal development experts, success coaches, speakers, mystics, visionaries, and authors from around the globe who share their research, ageless truths, perspectives, and personal stories. It’s fascinating to meet such transformational leaders and hear about their own personal journeys to success, expansion and fulfillment. I am grateful to have won the title of “BEST SPIRITUAL RADIO SHOW FOR 2013” and feel humbled to have over 1 Million+ subscribed listeners.

I am very passionate and committed to helping  Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Helping Professionals, and other Soul-Driven Success Seekers to tap into their innate gifts and talents to make a difference in the world while simultaneously creating wealth in their own lives. Many heart-centered entrepreneurs believe they have to make a choice between making a lot of money and using their spiritual gifts. My intention with my coaching programs, speaking engagements, radio show, television appearances and products is to teach these beautiful soul-driven entrepreneurs that they can help others while also creating wealth for themselves.

I am so grateful for the beautiful souls who have entered my life and made such a profound impact on my journey. I look forward to connecting with countless more souls who feel inspired to connect with me and allow me to assist them in creating the soul-driven, heart-centered success they deserve. I get so excited when I see people awaken to their soul’s talents and realize the possibility and potential for their lives. I would love to connect with YOU….

Wishing you limitless love, joy, and success,


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